Blog // Big updates, store and more announcement material!


Heya everyone!
We’ve got a big, big announcement for you all to read this time!

For the past 4-6 hours we’ve been discussing and talking within the admin, management and owner team to get some very much needed updates and information going on.

I’ll guide you through this big announcement bit by bit, so sit back, relax, grab something to drink/snack and come along.

Some of the tags you'll see in here are definite discord tags, feel free to come and join our discord at



First off, we’ve been looking through the amazing building apps and have chosen three people to join our marvelous building team. Congratulations!
Biddy, Kitten and Zoe!

You should have either gotten a message or have already joined the right premises to help us out!



Even after all the new trial helpers we’re happy to announce another new trial helper!
This is Hick_Dead!

Bugs & Suggestions

We’ve seen your wonderful suggestions and caught the bugs you were reporting for us. We’re currently very much trying to catch up to all these things. So please, give us some time and we’ll make sure the server will stay well maintained!
On a side note, we know you really want the economy to be stepped up and we’re hard at work to make this work with the things we have going on for the future. Please give us some time to make sure we have all items in the store, they can be bought/sold and have proper prices.


I can give you the information that we’re going to include jobs into the economy and some other new additions to keep things interesting!



Aside from all this madness and long waiting times we have a fun event/question for you all. As you might know, we’ve recently updated our death messages with funny remarks, references and other things. But there’s one death message we’re still unsure of how to approach. This is the Ravager, so this is where we ask you all for advice.

We’ll be holding an event for the best death message for this mob. The winner will walk away with *100k Cubits and 3 Rare keys*.
The event goes as follows; You’ll have one week to give us as many suggestions for the custom death message as you see fit. Afterwards we will choose the best top-10, and give you all the chance to vote for your favourite!


You can suggest as many death messages as possible in the discord channel #deathmessage-suggestions and in this google form: 


Death message placeholders available: <Killer> & <Player>, these basically are placeholders for the usernames of a player or the name of the mob (in this case the ravager) killing said player.


Store additions
Another thing we did was looking at additions for the store for you all. These things are the following;

  • Head database

  • More tags!

The Head database has been added as its own separate package in the store, BUT we also added it as a default functionality for Landlord and higher ranks!

Aside from this we’re looking into some tag packages for you all to enjoy when you want to get them! These packages are for example animals, pets and aquatic.


Free chat tags

Aside from the store tag packages, we also have a lot of tags available for everyone in the server now, as you can see in our previous announcement these are LGBTQ+ tags in at least 16 different color schemes to represent the different members and communities within this big group of wonderful people.

Give them a try!


Player Guides

As we have had some time on the server, we’re seeing some functionalities not being used. We’re very aware this might be because there’s no information about these functionalities. Since we want you all to understand and know how to approach these things we’re wondering what kind of guides you all would like to see.
You can share your ideas in this to help us figure what you want to know more about!



Yes! It’s time for another maintenance mode time. This time it’ll most likely take some time to get everything settled the way we want. The maintenance will happen at **August 22 - 23 sat/sun**, during this time you will **not** be able to join the server.

We will tell you all when maintenance is done and when you can join back into the server!


Things we are going to do is the following during this time;

  • Make sure the servers are cleaned

  • Adding a global joining hub so it’s not immediately survival

  • Transferring our future projects onto another server

  • Reset end/nether with a new seed

  • Add a building end world with a world border radius of 3k.

  • General software updates

Social media

Last, but definitely not least, social media. Maybe you’ve seen it a bit, maybe not. But we have social media for you all to take a look at! Go take a gander at #server-ip-socials for the latest information on this and our very own #cubicmc-socials channel for the latest posts!


Together with this, we’re going to add the possibility to advertise your CubicMC adventures into a new channel for all to see: #influencer-socials

Though, do understand we are only allowing people to post CubicMC-related advertising here with the appropriate ranks .

  • Youtube, 1k subs + 300-400 views per video on average.

  • Twitch; 250-300 followers + 15-20 viewers per stream on average.

  • Instagram; 2k followers, at or above average engagement rate, 3x more followers than following, quality content that is minecraft / CubicMC related and respectful to and appropriate for all members.

These ranks are also available in-game which grant you the following abilities;

  • Disguises (WIP)

  • Pets hostile/passive packs

  • Trails

  • Fly

  • Vanish

If you wish to apply for one of these ranks, please shoot a dm to one of the managers/owners with your motivation and channel/page information.


Back to school SALE

We are also happy to announce we have a next sale ready and set for you all to enjoy!

This time the sale will happen immediately after the maintenance, from August 24th 00:00 CET to September 6th 00:00 CET. The sale will cover the whole store and it’s 30% off!

2020-08-15 00:28:14 - W_MoonMoon