Blog // New wings and claim packages!


It's almost been a month since we launched, meaning it's almost time for the monthlyreset of both the Nether and The End. Since launching, however, we have received some requests to not reset the Nether monthly.
In o rder toi maintain a balance, we've decided it would be best to split the Nether into two separate worlds!

The first world will be a reggular Nether world (which will reset monthly) with a border of 20k by 20k blocks. Here you'll be able to do all the fortress looting and raiding you can dream of!
The second world will be a building world (which will not reset monthly). This world will have a smaller border of 3k by 3k blocks, where you can build all of your Nether structures!
We hope this will allow everyone who wants to build their bases in the Nether to do so, but also prevent all the loot being taken from the Nether too quickly! Be sure you keep an eye out for a coming announcement from our event team members who have something fun in mind for htis new Nether world!

The End will also be reset at this time, so the Ender Dragon will be back. Together with this, the end will have a border of 30k by 30k to make sure the server doesn't run out of disk space.

This change will happen next week Friday (July 10th), when the server will go into maintenance for that day to allow us to make some important updates and introduce the new Nether world and reset the old one.

Another fun addition to check out are some store packages, these are extra claims and our own take on /fly!
Well, how do we take on /fly then?
I'll tell you; they are elytras, but with a twist!

Instead of gliding your way through the world you have the ability to jetpack around. Just like you're used to with /fly. These items are Magical wings, Angel wings and Dragon wings. They have different speeds and consume fuel.
Fuel you say?! Yes, fuel.
The item which is used as fuel is an ender crystal. You can make these yourself like you're used to in vanilla so no worries on trying to get this item! Be sure to keep an eye on your fuel levels as without this fuel, you're in for a hard hit on the ground. ~ Outch
To refuel just click on the equipped wings with the fuel on your cursor!
One fuel allows your wings to fly for 90 seconds.

The extra claims and Magical wings are found in the different crates too (wings are found in Voter Crates), but they are very rare!

2020-07-02 15:26:47 - W_MoonMoon