Wall of Shame

Name reason expires
angies Blacklisted never
beniana Blacklisted never
Kuume2 fly hacks never
FaZeMikko Fly hacks. never
KruzShady Fly hacks never
DannyBoy1201 fly hacks. never
OfficialDustyG Alt account KruzShady, no ban evading. never
Anhade Ban Evading never
CptNoodles Ban Evading never
OtakuRapper You asked for it never
diarrheasock Spam never
SkylarIsGod Spam never
EthicaDD Spam never
kellygiraffe07 x-ray never
playgames392 Fly hacking. never
Monarch36 Banned never
Twertyo Banned never
PixelFate69 Banned never
DJShane Banned never
LustOfAHero Banned never
EthanWillDestroy Banned never
DatzKidz Banned never
BurnAnime Banned never
quum Banned never
xFye Banned never
Covallo Banned never
beeneonanimal X-ray never
AlexPlays_078 Hacked Client. never
Valentijntje06 Stealing is not allowed (57k+ blocks/items) never
precifi Disrespect / troll never
eggbusters Disrespectful / troll never
yelkao Disrespectful / Troll never
kyno_30 hacked client. never
ItzTheXenonPVP Hacked Client. never
Esmaeel Hacked Client. never
GnomenXD Hacked Client. never
lukegod101 Exploiting glitches never
flotrizzle Advertising is not allowed never
TheWolfPack214 Ban, jump and fly hacks. never
Zenkardo hacked clients arent allowed never
currencytype Hacked clients are not allowed never
EchoTryHard X-Ray never